Autologus Fibrin Sealants


Vivostat ‘s mission is to solve problems in surgery by developing and marketing innovative products that help patients to a safer and more rapid recovery by continually developing novel equipment that contributes to perfecting surgeries.

The Vivostat® System is an automated system for the on-site preparation and application of patient-derived fibrin sealant or platelet rich fibrin (PRF®). It incorporates a unique and patented biochemical process that produces an autologous sealant from 120 ml of the patient’s own blood in only 23 minutes. The sealant has biophysical properties that outperform most sealants on the market today and a delivery system that enables unparalleled control in the application during surgery.

The system comprises three components: A Processor Unit for the preparation of fibrin sealant or PRF®, an Applicator Unit to control the delivery of fibrin sealant/PRF® and a disposable kit comprising all components required to collect blood and apply the sealant to the surgical site.