Estech develops and markets a broad portfolio of innovative medical devices and disposables that enable cardiac surgeons worldwide to perform a variety of traditional and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Estech is one of only a few companies focused solely on cardiac surgeons. Reid Helathcare supplies the entire Estech Range to the Irish Market. The company's product lines span three cardiac surgery disciplines including surgical RF ablation, valve replacement or repair, and coronary artery bypass grafting.

For ablation Estech manufactures a complete line of solutions called the COBRA range. Each device features Estech’s patented temperature controlled radio-frequency (RF) technology. Temperature control provides a meaningful endpoint, maintaining tissue at safe yet effective temperatures to produce the desired lesion set. Internal probe cooling and advanced suction help to ensure reproducible transmural (full-thickness) endocardial or epicardial lesions. Versatile design enables the surgeon to use COBRA for minimally invasive or traditional procedures for either standalone or concomitant with valve or CABG surgery.